Mercer County Hall of Fame

Committee Members

Andrew Hofer:



Stacey Day:



Dale Boswell:

Donna Coulter:


Mick Louck


Bill Smock:



Jim Taylor:


The 2022 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held on January 21st, 2022 at the High School.

  • 5:oopm HOF reception (HS Library)

  • 6:00pm JV Basketball Game

  • 7:0opm HOF Ceremony 

    • Inductee - Coach Brian Dennison​

  • 7:30pm Varsity Basketball Game


Mercer County School District Hall of Fame By-laws



Article I Purpose


The purpose of the Mercer County School District Hall of Fame program is to recognize and honor the outstanding accomplishments of former graduates and staff members.  



Article II Selection Committee


The Hall of Fame Selection Committee will be comprised of the following.

  • Superintendent

  • High School Principal

  • High School Athletic Director

  • Five at-large members chosen jointly by the Superintendent, High School Principal and Athletic Director


Suggestions for the at-large members include members of the media, coaches, booster club members, business persons, and/or teachers.  Special attention will be given to make sure the committee has a member(s) who is familiar with potential nominees from the old Westmer and Aledo school districts.


The Superintendent can remove Selection Committee members as warranted.



Article III Promotion of Affairs


All members will be actively involved in promoting goodwill, enthusiasm and financial procurement in furtherance and of the Hall of Fame program.



Article IV Nomination and Entry


  • Individuals and teams are eligible for induction.

  • Distinguished athletic and non-athletic accomplishments will be recognized.  Examples of non-athletic accomplishments include the arts, business, civic/community service, philanthropy, science and medicine.

  • Former staff members and coaches who weren’t graduates of Mercer County/Aledo/Westmer High Schools are eligible for nomination.

  • Community members who have contributed greatly to the District are eligible for nomination and will be referred to as “Friends to Mercer County School District.”

  • Graduates from the former Aledo and Westmer High Schools are eligible for induction.

  • All members of the general public are invited to nominate individuals/teams for induction using the process developed by selection committee.

  • Nominations may be posthumous.

  • Nomination forms must be filled out and submitted on or before November 1 each year.  Nominations received after November 1 will be considered for the following year.

  • There is no set number of inductees that will be chosen each year, but it will generally be 1 to 3 inductees.

  • Nominations will stay active for five years, so nominees not chosen in the year of nomination will automatically be given consideration again the next year.

  • Individuals and teams are eligible for nomination five years after graduation or five years after employment has ended.

  • Accomplishments can include all-state selection, placing in a state tournament, being successful throughout the high school experience, being recognized by society at large, and/or having a long-term and recognized positive impact in the District’s programs.



Article V Induction


  • The induction ceremony will be held at a varsity basketball game in January/February each year.

  • The inductees and their families will be invited to attend the ceremony.

  • Individuals chosen to be members of the Hall of Fame will be given a plaque to signify the induction.  A framed picture with notations will be displayed at the high school for both individuals and teams.  Because of cost factors, members of a team will be given a smaller plaque.



Article VI Financial Matters

  • Funds for the support of the Hall of Fame program will be kept in the Mercer County High School activity fund.  The money will be identified separately from other activity fund monies.

  • Annual fundraisers will be conducted to replenish the money that is spent to support the Hall of Fame program.  The Selection Committee will be in charge of procuring these funds.



Article VII Amending the By-Laws


These by-laws may be amended by the Board and/or Selection Committee.