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Mercer County Transportation Directory

Contact Transportation Office


Contacting the Mercer County Transportation Office: 


Ernest Dillie, Supervisor 
Office Phone: 309-584-4630 
Cell Phone: 309-371-6354


Jodi O'Leary, Secretary 
Office Phone: 309-584-4630 


Contacting the Johannes Bus Service

Kim Lloyd E-mail:

Office Phone: 309-582-2922 

Cell Phone: 309-738-9423

School Bus Driver Training Classes
(Initial and Refresher)


Mercer County Bus Pick Up


Pick-up Times for Mercer County Buses will remain approximately the same as last year. Please have your student ready 10 minutes prior to pick-up time the first several days.

If there is a significant change in time you will be contacted.


Approximate Pick-up Times for Main Stops

Keithsburg City Hall                                              7:00

Early Learning Center - Joy                                  7:35

New Boston Elementary                                       7:25

Johannes In Town Stops


This is our current schedule for Aledo town stops.

7:20am HiddenValley/Buttonwood (J1)

7:20am NE 5th Ave / 3rd Ave - Sponsler (J5)

7:22am NE 6th St / 4th Ave - Sponsler (J5)

7:25am Lutheran church NE 6th Ave / 2nd St (J5)

7:25am NE 2nd Ave / NE 3rd Street (J3)

7:30am NW 2nd Street / College Ave (old Northside School) (J3)

7:30am SE 5th Ave / 5th Street (J1)

7:30am MCHS (J1)

7:30am YMCA / Twisters (J3)

7:30am NW 6th Ave / NW 5th Street (J6)

*Times and bus routes are subject to change. Follow this page for updates.

Seaton Town Stops/J6 ROUTE:


7:07am  6th Street

7:09am Bank

7:11am 30th & Oak Street

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