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Board of Directors

Victor Johnson


Stacey Hank Boruff


Barb Chiles


Todd Baldwin

Sarah Dixon

Julie Hessman Wagner

Mercer County Schools Excellence in Education Foundation

Mercer County Schools Excellence in Education Foundation is a non-profit group that was created to supplement funding to the school district in order to provide an excellent education for our students.

The mission of the Mercer County Schools Excellence in Education Foundation is to provide its students with quality education that will develop the skills necessary to think critically, communicate effectively, prepare them for lifelong learning, and advocate responsible citizenship through strong moral values, resulting in productivity and healthy contributors to our modern society. 


The foundation is actively seeking new members!! If you are interested in learning more about this group and becoming an active participant, please contact Vic Johnson @ 309.582.3335. Monthly meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at MC ELC, Joy.

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Mercer County Schools Excellence in Education Foundation


Goals /projects supported by the school district’s mission

        The school district works together with faculty, staff and curriculum coordinators to develop a plan to create a comprehensive learning platform. The goals and projects need to be supported with hardware, software, and resource material. Many times this material is not included in the general funding and needs to be supplemented. The MCSEEF may prov ide additional funding for projects.


School/Community collaboration

        When families, schools, and community institutions (local businesses, and health agencies) collectively agree upon      their goals and decide how to reach them, everyone benefits. Schools enjoy the informed support of families and community members. The families experience many opportunities to contribute to their children's education. The communities look forward to an educated, responsible workforce. By working together, schools, families, and communities can prepare for a more promising future.


Investing in 21st century technology

        The school district provides technology throughout the district, in the classroom and in computer labs. Sometimes this is not enough for a particular project. When additional hardware or software is needed for data collection, material for a demonstration, or hands on activities, the foundation can financially help.


Professional Development

        When demands are placed on the faculty to upgrade their curriculum, many times they need to be trained. The foundation may provide funding to faculty or staff to attend training or workshops.

Grants Awarded by the Foundation

Grants Awarded - September 2023

  • Kathy Olson, Apollo 2nd grade, mobile dry erase board for outside learning

  • Amanda Carson, Apollo & NBE K-5 Math, materials to implement math activities 

  • Matt Simpson, MCJH 7th & 8th Science, hydroponics units and supplies

  • Aaron Heartt, MCHS Welding, forging kits                                 

  • Kristen Adams, ELC & NBE Speech-Language Pathologist, books for literacy groups 

  • Sam Duncan, NBE K-5 STEM, sphero mini bots        

  • Jamie Breeden, NBE PE, balance stepping stones and bowling balls  

  • Melissa Maloney, Apollo Title 1 Reading K-5, diagnostic assessment materials

  • Kristen Reick, Apollo K-5 Music, flexible seating                                      

  • Barbara Bryant, Apollo 5th special education, flexible seating and lighting               

  • Staci Sharp, Apollo K, math manipulatives                                                

  • Deb Giles, NBE 3rd – 5th grades, books for Battle of the Books Program

Grants Awarded - September 2022

  • Kristen Reick, Apollo Elementary, Instruments to Complete World Drumming Unit

  • Amy Duncan, Apollo Elementary, Math Games

  • Michaela Matlick, New Boston Elementary, Flex Seating, STEM toys and kits

  • Shelly Reusch, MCJH, Apple iPad & Apple TV 4K, case and stylus pen

  • Taylor Gibbs, MCJH, individual student white boards

  • Bridget Wilkerson, Apollo Elementary, Toys to Initiate Play Based Learning

  • Dawn Noble, MCHS, Spanish novels, books and magazines

  • Trudi Shepard, New Boston Elementary, iPad & Apple TV

  • Cassandra Bieri, New Boston Elementary, iPad & Apple TV

  • Staci Tharp, MCJH, iPad & Apple TV

  • Amy Molburg, New Boston Elementary, Apple pencil, wireless keyboard, writing tablets

  • Michelle Aldinger, MCJH, iPad & Apple TV

  • Staci Sharp, Apollo Elementary, Math Manipulatives

  • A Hessman/A Duncan/C Hartman, Apollo Elementary, STEM Challenge Kits

  • Paula McGraw, Apollo Elementary, Portable CD players, headphones, reading activities

  • Ashley Stice, New Boston Elementary, Smart keyboard and Apple pencil


Total Cost of Grants Awarded: $6217.11


Grants Awarded - September 2021


  • Alison Lafever, Apollo Elementary, Ramped Up Read Aloud set of 101 picture books

  • Natalie Nelson, MCIS, materials & books to supplement ELA curriculum

  • Kathy Olson, Apollo Elementary, STEM bins

  • Ariane Call, New Boston Elementary, instruments, music & materials

  • Amanda Carson, K-8 Math Coach, Digi Blocks

  • Amy Molburg, New Boston Elementary, Apple ipad mini & Apple TV

  • Samantha Duncan, New Boston Elementary, Apple ipad mini & Apple TV

  • Staci Sharp, Apollo Elementary, activity sets

  • Kristen Reick, Apollo Elementary, set of drums to implement Full World Drumming Unit

  • Ashley Stice, New Boston Elementary, Apple ipad mini & Apple TV


Total Cost of Grants Awarded:$4250.10

Grants Awarded September 2019


  • Katie Dengler, Apollo Elementary, Maker Space Program

  • MCJH/MCHS Special Education Reading 180 Pilot Program

  • MCJH Math and Language Arts Enhancement Program


Total Cost of Grants Awarded: $5066.00

Grants Awarded - May 2019


  • Amy Mohlburg, New Boston Elementary, audiobooks

  • Natalie Nelson, MCIS, Google Nexus 7 Tablet & Flocabulary subscription

  • Kathy Olson, Apollo Elementary, Number Centers

  • Emily Baldwin, Apollo Counselor, Social/Emotional Health Curriculum

  • Amber Hessman, Apollo Elementary, Stand up desks/Flex furniture

  • Staci Sharp, Apollo Elementary, ball chairs

  • Taylor Beguelin, MCJH, novels for classroom

  • Paula Riddell, Apollo Elementary, Reading Kit

  • Paula McGraw, Apollo Elementary, Reading Kit & Math Kit


Total Cost Of Grants Awarded: $3144.05


Grants Awarded - November 2018


  • Brian Dennison & Lara Swanson, MCHS, team fitness belts

  • Dawn Noble, MCHS, Spanish books for classroom library

  • Nicole Whitehair, MCJH, classroom set of headphones

  • Staci Sharp, Apollo Elementary, classroom educational toys

  • Amber Hessman, Apollo Elementary, furniture items to enhance flex seating plan

  • Kristi Heaton, MCIS, Chromebook

  • Shelly Reusch, MCJH, sound unit for science classroom

  • Mick Louck, New Boston Elementary, foam boxes for plyometric box jumping

  • Samantha Duncan, New Boston Elementary, Chromebook

  • Marcus Bush, New Boston Elementary, recess ball rack


Total Cost Of Grants Awarded:  $2,311.76


Grants Awarded - November 2017


  • Pam Carey, New Boston Elementary, Chromebook

  • Trudi Shepard, New Boston Elementary, Chromebook

  • Abby McAlister, New Boston Elementary, materials for reading corner

  • Dawn Noble, MCHS, Spanish books for classroom library

  • Samantha Duncan, New Boston Elementary, Lego WeDo Kit

  • Liz Gray, Apollo Elementary, non-fiction book sets

  • Chad Robertson, Apollo Elementary, Chromebook


Total Cost Of Grants Awarded: $1204.84

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