Health Information

Physical and Immunization Requirements


All students entering Pre-Kindergarten (for the first time), Kindergarten, Sixth and Ninth grades must have a physical exam preformed before they begin school in the fall.  Updated immunizations are also required for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Sixth, Ninth and Twelfth grade students.  Dental examinations are required for all students entering Kindergarten, Second and Sixth and Ninth Grades.

Remember students who do not fulfill these requirements will be excluded from school until the requirements are up-to-date. No exceptions. 

Do not wait to schedule your appointments.


Preschool Requirements:

Physical Exam

Lead Screening


Kindergarten Requirements:

Physical Exam

Lead Screening 

Dental Exam


Vision Exam

Second Grade:

Dental Exam

Sixth Grade Requirements:

Physical Exam

Dental Exam


1st Meningitis vaccine

2nd Varicella if not already completed

Hepatitis B if not already completed

Ninth Grade Requirements:

Physical Exam

2nd Varicella if not already completed

Tdap if not already completed

1st Meningitis if not already completed 

Dental Exam

Twelfth Grade Requirments:

2nd Meningitis Vaccine

Dental Examination Requirement

For Incoming Kindergarten, Second, Sixth, and Ninth Grade

All children entering Kindergarten, Second, Sixth, and Ninth grade are required to show proof of having a dental exam. All children in these grades must have a dental exam on file at the school. 

Physical Forms

Click Here for the Illinois Physical Form

Click Here for the Illinois Dental Form

Sport Physical Form

Click here for sport physical form

Wellness Policy



Head Lice Info


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· If your child is kept home or sent home from school not feeling well, ALL SIBLINGS MUST also be kept home.  The school nurse will contact you. 


· If your child fails the COVID screening, that child and ALL SIBLINGS MUST stay home. 


· If your child is sent home from school or is kept home due to any of the COVID symptoms, one of the following documents MUST be received by the school the day PRIOR to them returning:


  • A doctors note with an alternate diagnosis

  • A negative COVID test

Please note ~ BUS RIDERS WILL NOT be allowed on the bus if we have not received the paperwork in advance!


Again, thank you for your understanding and ongoing cooperation with our COVID prevention policies and procedures as we work to help protect your children.